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I am a transmedia artist with a focus on photography and participatory projects.

My work addresses the tension between modern collective frenzy and our cravings for spirituality and inner life.

I conceive my art pieces as safe places, and use white material -paper, fabric,gesso,- as a special protective coat against the Outside World.

I am deeply influenced by literary works, and by the idea that knowing oneself is not an optional extra, but central to being.


Selected Works

Participatory Multisensory Installation : collaboration with a perfume house, journey through a transformational space

Garden Travelers : a body of digital collages which mesh together images of natural and urban environments.

Dreamchain : a worldwide participatory project empowering women of the art scene.

Paul and Virginie Remix : a transmedia installation commissioned by Musée Grobet-Labadié (Marseille), exploring the destiny of 2 women, one a fictional character, the other a real one.

Light Travelers : a photographic project staging lost beings in unidentifiable landscapes as a metaphor for society's effect on people.

Light Within : a series of private meditation spaces where people can experience peace of mind within an art field.

Wall of Temptation : a worldwide participatory performance confronting people to our greatest fragility, temptation.

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