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light within - enlightenment art pieces

Light Within is a series of personal meditation pieces, where Art becomes a protective perimeter


from myths to meditation


The personal meditation piece is made of several panels of photographs about universal myths such as the creation of the Universe, woman and man. The piece can be closed when not used for meditation, or opened to become a device for self centration, contemplation and resistance to the ever present, ever engulfing world of immediate information consumption.


The viewer, protected from the agressiveness of everyday life by a semi-closed field of art contemplation, is experimenting a retirement from reality. The idea is to be connected to the representation, to oneself and in relation to the "collective unconscious" such as coined by Karl Jung. Light Within questions our übercommunication world, aims to cut the flow in which we are immersed, center ourselves instead of getting scattered.


altars and travelers


The work is based upon the 13th to 17th century altarpieces that were produced all over Europe during this period, not only in churches, but also in private homes - as portable altarpieces. I have translated them into 21st century non religious language and techniques.


My previous exploration regarding the Light Travelers is central to the Light Within series, because I use much of the same process : figurines, semi-darkness, LED lights, unidentified backgrounds, and much of the same philosphy : the path to know thyself.



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