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Garden Travelers is a body of digital collages which mesh together images of natural and urban environments.

They take as a starting point images from my series Light Travelers, works inspired by the dazzling and often alienating experience of modern metropolises such as Shanghai, where the soft vulnerability of human experience feels lost against a man-made world of steel, glass and light. By superimposing upon them photographs taken in gardens and parks, I have engulfed these hard-edged and sterile environments in wildness and life. These vegetable hues contaminate the city with the energy and will of the natural world. 

Garden Travelers are at once imagined environments, and an expression of my own desire to see nature moving back into a more sustainable relationship with city life.

They are the original work I developped in collaboration with Le Jardin Retrouvé, first ever niche Maison de Parfum, in 2016.

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