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paul and virginie remix - past project

Installation inspired by Bernardin de Saint-Pierre's novel (1787)



"I used my work on the Paul and Virginie Project as a fiction versus reality red thread, with the idea that Virginie as well as Marie Grobet were women, and as such, had been considered fragile, vulnerable and had been antagonized their whole life, but had finally succeeded to conquer a say in their destiny."

grobet labadié museum exhibition


In 2013, the installation was selected by Christine Germain-Donnat, curator of the Grobet-Labadié Museum and of the Borély Museum.

Every year, a contemporary artist is chosen, in relation to the POC Festival, on the basis that his/her work can connect to the museum's masterpieces and atmosphere.

The Grobet-Labadié is a 19th century mansion in the heart of Marseille bequested to the city in 1925 by its owner Marie Grobet, a lifelong art collectioner.

Video of the installation in 2013

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