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To travel light, in thrall to a willed or providential amnesia; to forget one's identity, unburden oneself of it and set off in search of a talisman, one which is nowhere to be found.


The travelers go forth, swaddled in gesso, the plaster binding their cracks so they might heal. One day, perhaps, they'll be able to do without.


To travel enlightened, internal light, light that seeps, accompanies the steps that vanish when the light is no more. These travelers leave no trace.


Unencumbered, the bagage-less travelers are propelled by an identical desire, and identical, perhaps irresolvable, quest. There is no end in sight. What do they sense in their wanderings? Who do they see? Who do they meet? What vista stirs them? None, perhaps. 


Marie-Hélène GRINFEDER

20th century art expert

Paris, February 12th 2013.

Translated from French by Gabriella Nora Fuller

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