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FAQ about the Wall of Temptation

How can I participate Live?

You can go to a performance whenever there is one. Check out when it happens on your continent. Once you get there, Clara Feder will give you a lottery ticket. You'll have the choice between scratching the ticket, or not scratching. Resisting, or not resisting.


What happens if I scratch?

If you yield to Temptation by scratching, 2 things can happen : either you have won, or you have'nt. This is merely a question of chance. If you have won some money, you can keep the ticket, or give it to Clara Feder, because after all, she's the one who gave it to you!


What happens if I don't scratch?

If you don't scratch, you can sign your name on the ticket, or write any message that you feel like writing. Then you can post the ticket on the Wall.


What are my benefits if I don't scratch?

Your benefits are unvaluable. First, you know that you have resisted. Wether it was easy for you or not, it's an act that you can be proud of. Second, Clara Feder will take your picture while posting your ticket on the Wall. Then she will post your picture on the virtual Wall ( Therefore not only will you have built the Wall in reality, together with many people, but you'll also be on the virtual Wall.


Can I give my opinion on the question of Temptation?

Of course you can! You can speak to the interviewer at the performance. You can also film yourself and send the video to Clara.


If you have any other questions, write Clara.


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